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My Thoughts on Michael Jackson

June 30th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Announcements

It seems that lots of people want to know what I think and thought about Michael Jackson. I step into the fray with not a little trepidation.
Needless to say, Michael Jackson was long after my “day.” However, the first record album that my oldest daughter ever asked for was “Thriller” and she later told me that she really had no idea what it was about but that all her fellow 1st graders, or 3rd graders, were saying that they were getting it for Christmas so she want it too! I also thought that many of his songs were kind of “sweet” and his voice was definitely “sweet.”
Since his untimely death last Thursday, I’ve learned so much more about him. As a psychotherapist I have great compassion for anyone that suffered child abuse and neglect. I’ve shuddered to hear about all the things that his father beat him with and I do deeply regret he had to endure such a childhood.
The actions he was accused of as an adult will go unproven and basically unprovable. I do not judge anyone, that’s not my job.
What I do know now is that he was truly a child prodigy and sang and danced in a way that few people before or after were able to do. He created a whole new style of dancing that has been copied by many, many others. Like it or not, Michael jackson was probably a genius who never grew out of a child’s mindset and perspective. One of the wonderful things he did that I loved was the “We Are the World” get-together of so many stars of the 80’s. I leave you with that.


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  • Jose Corujo

    I was converted to united Methodist since I was a child fron catholic had fastened for so many years and prayed after I got out of the military PGW. Well in the year 2007 my tirth new has been born and guess what . I was hook up to all songs of michel jackson music I dont drink nor fume . But at the age of two my my two year nephew comes brekind trough the door because my mother was going to baby sit him . I thouth that had left behid the old creature behind all of the sudden my two year nephew was indeed need to be babysit for the years to come to with loud michel jackson music music and when michel sleft behind or died my you mamily member was every monrning breking trouth and doing the whole show and dancing beat it .He does not know that michel its dead in his little brain michel lives . We have to baby sit him not with tuggyberars or what ever and barney;s songs none of that . We have put that michel video for him to dance atempt to do the moon walk . Well another michel jackson in the family. He we have and its a must have,into instock videos and triller and beat its beet it CDs burn down with sumuch replaying motions. And our next door neigthbor that had just returned from NY City laugh and here I’m michel jackson baby sitting videos he does not want barnyes music but everysingle dayhe spent in our home we had to play one michel jackson concerts in germany loud to calm donw the kit, my little newphew . He dances beat it and moon walk and he doesnot care how many times he listens to michel jackson music. Last friday I,m 44 and gees what last saturday I experienced a low michel jack need to hear off wall song Dont Stop until youget enough . yes A growm new born christian colud not resist to be with out todance and listening on juke box ove and over at a mos intensed electric char effect of such music . Michel had the capacity to write his owm music . And once the you are need of insuling you must inject it to your body or you will die. I’m not diebetic but I realy must listen to his music . and yes was not easy to find online free michels music too satisfy the need of listening the 1979 disc. for free for lengthy hours of it becomes like some drop down of pop music feeding . Belive me I do need to hear and dance his music until I die and my little nephew now four years of age its not foollowing his uncles steps he just need to hear on my car after the preschool his music begs me for it and I dont have to beg him for him nor convince him to ask me for to play what I consider a treasuered musid and play his music and he is calm when I pick him up from preschool nice dont move in the rear back sit he fasten his owm set belt let the show blow out mynew cars sound equipmet recreating a pop concert. Please dont allow his music to desapear .

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