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MORE FAQ’s about the Surgical Serenity Solution

September 18th, 2009 · No Comments · Music and Parkinson's, Music and Surgery, Music with Alzheimer's patients

I am so excited that more and more people are ordering the Surgical Serenity Solutions  that I’m programming for Parkinson’s patients as well as Alzheimer’s patients and simply for relaxation and meditation!  I never dreamed that things would go so well so quickly!

Anyway, some excellent questions have been asked recently and I want to answer them as quickly as I can:

1.  Can the headphones be used anywhere, i.e., at home, at work and not just in the hospital?

Answer:  Absolutely!  Although my original idea was to use them in the hospital during surgical procedures, they are wireless, cordless headphones that can be used anywhere you ‘d like…probably not for driving in a car or other motor-powered vehical, but certainly passengers might enjoy wearing them and snoozing or just relaxing while en route!

2.  If these headphones are being worn in surgery, is there any chance that they might interfere with other machines being used?

Answer:  Excellent question!  The music in the headphones is stored on a programmable chip and is powered by a lithium, rechargeable beattery.  So, No transmission is going on from the headphones to anything else!  that was a big part of what I was looking for!

If you have other questions, please send them my way!  This is how we will eventually get the word out that music during surgery not only works, but can save lives!  Thanks to all who have bought them so far!


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