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Fascinating Vibrational Research on Music and the Body

January 16th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Vibrational and Sound Healing


Fabien Maman showed that our very cells respond directly to music. In 1974, while working as a professional jazz musician, he observed that certain musical keys would energize both the musicians and the audience. He brought this insight to French physicist Joel Sternheimer, who discovered that elementary particles vibrate in accordance with musical laws. Their combined research indicated that body tissues, organs and acupuncture meridians each have a musical note.

Maman used Kirlian photography to photograph the changes in the electromagnetic fields around healthy cells while playing a xylophone to them. He found that the slight difference of a half tone would produce a completely different shape and color in the energy field of the cell. When he played the note C, they became longer, D elicited a variety of colors, E caused them to become spherical, and A changed their color field from red to pink.

Maman took a sample of blood from a subject’s finger and asked her to sing the seven notes of the major scale to her own blood cells. The cells’ energy field changed with each note until she sang the note F, at which point the cells resonated perfectly with her voice, producing a balanced, round shape with vibrant magenta and turquoise colors. He concluded that this note was the fundamental sound of the singer, and that a person’s fundamental sound, produced by his or her own voice, is the most powerful healing tool to harmonize and regenerate the body at the cellular level.


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  • Mariana Griffith

    A fascinating article Alice. I have one question. How does one find a person’s fundamental sound (note)?

  • Dr. Alice Cash

    Mariana, I believe he explains that in the last paragraph, but I guess he has to do it for you! That’s too bad, isn’t it? I’d Google his name and find out where he is these days!

  • Mariana

    Aloha Alice,

    Do you know of David Gibson? You might like browsing his website. http://www.soundhealingcenter.com

    I am very excited about his work and his organization. Perhaps you two could talk shop together. Love, Mariana

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