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Instruments of Healing Music: The Harp

June 25th, 2010 · No Comments · healing instruments, music and spirituality, Music and the Mind-Body, Music Healing

What’s the very best instrument for playing healing music?  That is a question that I get asked quite frequently.  I wish I could answer that question definitively for you, but of course it’s one of those personal taste matters!

What is beautiful and healing and soothing and comforting for one person, could be absolutely annoying and irritating for another.  I have read that many authorities over the last thousand years or so, believe that the harp is absolutely the most healing instrument of all.

One reason is because the harp is held right next to the players heart and the vibrations of the instrument soften and inspire the heart to loving feelings and right behavior.  Others have said the the plucking action on the strings or the harp creates more vibration than perhaps a flute or a piano, or a clarinet.

Vibration in music is one of the most important healing aspects and rich vibrations seem to speed up the healing process.  If you want to listen to beautiful, soothing harp music, you have literally thousands and thousands of pieces to choose from .  I’ll enclose a video performance here of one of my favorites.

Tomorrow we will look at the flute as an instrument of great healing potential.


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