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The Components of Healing Music: Tempo

June 20th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Music and Relaxation, music and the heart, Music and the Mind-Body, Music Healing, Music Medicine

Today is the sixth lesson in our series of “The Components of Healing Music.”  Please remember that these components are not absolutes and are definitely open to interpretation.  Music as a whole is very personal and each of us has our inner filters that we bring to our own interpretation of a piece of music and how it affects us.  We each hear a piece of music in the context of what we’ve heard before.

Think about it:  if you grew up hearing classical music or country music or New Age music, then hearing a new piece or song in the genre you’re accustomed to might be new, but not startlingly new!  If you grew up on country or classical, hearing your first piece in the NEW genre will likely be memorable and there’s a fairly good chance that you won’t like it.

We all tend to like what we’re familiar with because there’s a comfort level that goes along with familiarity.  We humans tend to like what we’re familiar with and that applies to music, food, people, climate, and on and on.

In healing music, traditionally, you want to have a tempo that is between 50-70 beats per minute.  This would be the range of beats per minute for the healthy, resting heart-beat.  The tempo, or rate of speed, thus, is very important so that the music slows down and stabilizes a rapid heartbeat and helps the person to calm down and relax.   A person cannot really begin to heal until the body can relax and release stress and tension in the muscles.   Choosing music that has a slow, steady tempo will be very important to getting the most healing effect from music.


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  • Mtn Jim Fisher

    I agree Alice! Tempo can be very important for healing, probably in either direction…like a faster tempo in some cases to change a depressed mood, or the slower tempo to help relax.
    First time on you blog! Looks real interesting and I will return…:-)

    Mtn Jim

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