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“I-dosing” with MP3’s: the future of audio drugs

August 11th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Announcements, Music in the News!

On I-Doser, the digital drugs are purchased by downloading free software and clicking on individual tracks. For $3.95 users can download “Astral,” which claims to aid in out-of-body experiences; for $3 they can buy “Extend,” which supposedly prolongs sexual encounters. I-doses are anywhere from five to 30 minutes long. What you hear might sound like a wind tunnel, or mating whales, or Yanni.

The effects are made possible, purportedly, through “binaural beats,” where a tone of one frequency is played into the right ear and a slightly different frequency is played into the left. Believers say these beats synchronize brain waves, replicating the experience of being high on anything from alcohol to true love.”

To me, kids who are attracted to this are kids that are trying to escape something and alter their mood in a way that could lead to experimentation with other drugs.  As a therapist, I would strongly encourage parents of kids expressing an interest in this to have a long conversation about what that child or teen is looking for with this product and concept.

it could be genuine curiosity and provide an excellent springboard to a needed discussion.

What does the National Institute on Drug Abuse have to say?

“At this time, we are aware of no scientific data on this phenomenon,” reads a statement, “so NIDA cannot establish the validity of the claim that you can get high listening to these sounds.”   Stay tuned!


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  • Gerry

    I have found that music can enhance my mood. Mellow music making a mellow mood mellower etc. But I have never “gotten high” from listening to music. Nor do I find music triggering the urge to re-live my ‘somethings are best left unsaid’ youth either.

  • Rick

    Music is really universal, no matter what color and race you are it relaxes us. Of course it is a matter of preferences, me when I’m stressed I like to listen to a soothing sound of nature.

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