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Music and the Mind-Body Connection

November 3rd, 2010 · 1 Comment · Music and Emotion, Music and the Mind-Body

Last Sunday at our Healing Music 101 class, we had an interesting comment from one of our class members.  She commented that she believes that although our minds and bodies are inextricable connected, that we do sometimes get “disconnected.”  That is when we begin to fall into a state of dis-ease or dis-comfort or even dys-function.

One of the interesting things that music does, she went on, is to instantaneously  or spontaneously re-join the mind and the body.  That is why a piece of music that has a powerful emotional component can move us to tears or to great joy or make us feel angry or uneasy…hmmm, such an interesting way to look at it!  What do you think?


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