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Having surgery? Music for surgeon and music for patient

March 6th, 2012 · No Comments · Music and Surgery, Music Healing, Music in the Hospital

Today it is not unusual for the operating rooms of hospitals to have  music playing.   Thats a good thing for sure, but unfortunately, the music that the surgeon wants will usually have no benefit at all for the patient.  Yes, it’s important for the surgeon to feel good and have a high energy level and laser focus.  However, the patient needs to have feel calm, secure, peaceful, optimistic and reassured.  There is no way that the same music can accomplish the same things for both patient and surgeon!

The reason that most people have not considered this yet, is that the medical personnel are assuming that if the patient is under general anesthesia they can’t hear the music anyway.  Often, this is not the case.  Many patients wake up from surgery, saying that they heard not only conversations between nurse and doctor, but they heard the sounds of surgery.  In some surgeries, such as joint replacement surgeries, there is quite a bit of noise, including sawing, hammering and and drilling!  Wouldn’t YOU rather hear some beautiful soothing music, calming music?

If surgery is in your future, please remember to ask your doctor if music will be present in the OR and if it will be chosen for the doctor or the patient.  To be absolutely sure you have the best music for your surgery, check out the Surgical Serenity headphones!  You’ll be glad you did!


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