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Music, Brain, and Pain

May 3rd, 2016 · No Comments · music and the brain

One of the scariest things going on in the world today is all of the addiction to prescription pain-killers.  Nobody wants pain, but pain is a reality for most of us at some point in our lives.  Physicians and scientists around the world are looking for non-addictive ways to treat pain, the the powerful pills that are now out there, are what many people.

Just this past weekend, there was a wonderful story on NBC news about a hospital near New York City that now has a harpist playing in their Emergency Room to calm people down without giving them drugs right away.  Of course we know that music is never going to take the place of drugs for people that are in acute or chronic pain, but it can certainly begin to relax patients in a non-pharmacological way.  The story on NBC was about very compelling and I wanted to share it with you! This hospital fights opiod addiction with music

Educating the public about the power of music in healthcare settings is an ongoing challenge for me, but it is happening.  I think most of us know intuitively that music makes us feel better, but most people just don’t believe that it can actually take the place of medication, or definitely supplement and enhance the power of medicine.

This story on NBC went on to say that the leading cause of accidental death in the US is now overdose of prescription drugs.  Drug manufacturers seems to have limitless advertising budgets and the evening news is always full of advertisements about the newest prescription drugs and the wonders they can perform for you.  I’m sure you’ve also noticed that at the end of the advertisement, the announcer has low-volume warning/disclaimer that he reads so fast that you can barely understand it!

Next time you’re about to take a new prescription med, ask the Dr. if some music/music therapy might help you or decrease the amount of the drug you need!


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