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Music is far more powerful than most people realize! YOU can learn to heal your mind and body, and improve your quality of life.

For thousands of years, humans have quieted, comforted, soothed and energized themselves with music, rhythm, and sound.  Music is far more powerful than most people realize, and now, thanks to the research of musicologists, music therapists, physicians, nurses, neuroscientists, and more, we are understanding how to use music more intentionally for healing and improved quality of life.

Physicians and medical studies have shown the many varied uses of music and sound for healing purposes as well as wellness. From Alzheimer patients to Lullabies for mother – baby bonding; from Stress Relief to Surgery Recovery; music does what nothing else can. 

Healing does not mean curing; healing music refers the improvement of symptoms and the improvement of chronic or temporary conditions.

Dr. Cash is often requested by hospitals and medical organizations to speak on clinical results at their Grand Rounds, workshops and seminars. Professional topics (“Entrainment”, “Mind-Body Connection”) to lighter presentations (“Music’s Influence”, “Baby Boomers: Together Forever”, “Why Mozart?”) her presentations are always based on facts drawn from published articles, medical studies or her own experiences.

Dr. Alice H. Cash is an internationally known expert on the healing effects of music. She has created a patented process for using music during surgery that is being used at hospitals around the country. She has conducted clinical research in a medical school and appeared on the TODAY show discussing her research. .