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Can Music Improve your test scores?

November 27th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Music and the Brain, Music and the Mind-Body, The Mozart Effect...why Mozart?

So many people ask me this and it’s a great questions! After all the info came out on the “Mozart Effect” people were getting really excited about improving their intelligence and their test scores with music! Here is what one of the scientific studies had to say about it:

Improve your vocabulary with music!

In 1982, researchers from the University of North Texas performed a three-way test on postgraduate students to see if music could help in memorizing vocabulary words. The students were divided into three groups. Each group was given three tests – a pretest, a posttest, and a test a week after the first two tests. All of the tests were identical. Group 1 was read the words with Handel’s Water Music in the background. They were also asked to imagine the words. Group 2 was read the same words also with Handel’s Water Music in the background. Group 2 was not asked to imagine the words. Group 3 was only read the words, was not given any background music, and was also not asked to imagine the words. The results from the first two tests showed that groups 1 and 2 had much better scores than group 3. The results from the third test, a week later, showed that group 1 performed much better than groups 2 or 3. However, simply using music while learning does not absolutely guarantee recall but can possibly improve it. Background music in itself is not a part of the learning process, but it does enter into memory along with the information learned. Recall is better when the same music used for learning is used during recall. Also, tempo appears to be a key of music’s effect on memory.


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  • Destini Kalghoun

    I totally agree. i think that music totaly improves your ability to learn and do well in school. Like totally wow i think this site is so interesting like this is sooooooooooo cool! I should like totally start listening to music all the time so that i can do better in school on all my tests and stuff!

  • kyle

    it does help your scores ive tried it. so shut up teachers tht say they dont

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