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Pulsing to the Rhythm of Health

February 15th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Music Healing

by Buffy Owens

I like this concept of pulsing to the rhythm of health.  We are rhythmical beings living in a world pulsating with life. Our lives pulse with the rhythm of our inner landscapes – from the pounding of our heartbeat and the tempo of our stride, to cycles of our sleep patterns and the cadence of our brain processes. We are also surrounded by the sweet music of life. Just notice the cycle of seasons, ocean waves, the pitter-pat of rain and even the sound of a passing car.

If you have ever been a part of a drum circle or enjoyed the sound of the symphony, then you know how music can move you emotionally, spiritually and physically. Joining in the music making can actually give you a direct link to changing the tempo of your attitude or exploring the sensations of your body.

Drumming for health today has merged the primal beauty of ancient healing arts, practiced for tens of thousands of years in all cultures across the globe, with modern science.

“We know from the research that active drumming effects humans on the cellular biological level,” explains
Kat Fulton, MM, a board certified Music Therapist who with specialization in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and rhythm-based wellness. “Group drumming studies have shown a 62% increase in individual mood state. The same studies also showed a significant decrease in stress hormone and an increase in white blood cells. There have been other studies that show an increase in hormones that corresponds to our immune system from a single session of music therapy.”

So where do you begin? You can seek out a Music Therapist like Kat Fulton or you can follower her simple guidelines for beginning where you are:

Before playing: Please remember that there is no judgment in drumming for health. This is all about the process, not at all about the product. There are no mistakes; there are only opportunities to be YOU!

Prepare: If you have a small frame drum at home, hold it in your lap either face down or on its side. If you don’t have a drum at home, feel free to engage in gentle body percussion instead. You can make up your own movement and rhythm in the process! Use your hands to gently pat different areas of your body, make sounds by stomping your feet, or use your voice and mouth for rhythm.

Center Yourself: Find a comfortable spot to sit or stand, and take a few deep breaths. Become aware of your feelings, thoughts, surroundings, and let them go.

Be Present and Drum: When you are ready, play. Play anything. Bring your awareness to the rhythm while letting go of any self-judgment or criticism. Instead of imagining the rhythms coming from you, imagine the rhythms coming through you.

Savor: After your drumming excursion, take a few moments of silence to allow the rhythms to permeate through your body, mind, and spirit. Take this feeling with you through the day, and remember that which you already know!

Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC
858-205-8660         858-205-8660 phone
858-433-2960 fax

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  • The Health Dude

    While health is wealth most of our people no good health and it is the reality that they have no wealth to keep health well. To keep good health we also need wealth. Health is wealth? Not always that!

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