Concert Pianist

Dr. Cash has presented concerts, recitals and workshops in classical music since 1970. She studied both in the US and in Europe with such masters as Lee Luvisi,Edward Kilenyi &
Ilonka Deckers-Kuszler. In 1986 she began presenting lectures and workshops on women in music, focusing on Wanda Landowska and the Revival of the Harpsichord. As a result,
Dr. Cash won a prestigious Kentucky Foundation for Women grant which took her to Paris to do research on Landowska. Her dissertation has been made into an award-winning documentary on Landowska, premiered at the 1999 Boston Early Music Festival.

Since 1990, Dr. Cash has presented concerts and lecture/recitals of music with healing properties. Alice enthralls her audiences with her virtuosity and her encyclopedic knowledge of music.


cleveland clinic tear sheet

“Piano Concert Added”
It is not unusual to have Alice add a “concert” to a Grand Rounds, Seminar or Keynote. In the above example, Cleveland Clinic asked Alice to play in an open ceiling lobby. The concert was heard throughout the entire hospital.