Drumming, Toning and Chanting

Drumming for Health, Wellness and Fun

hand drumsDrumming Circles are taking the country by storm! People of all ages are discovering the joy and the power of drumming either alone or with others.

This book is for those who are interested, curious, amazed, or baffled about the sudden emergence of drumming as a way to connect with others, lower your blood pressure, melt away anxiety or even discharge some angry energy. Fads come and go and this could be a temporary phenomenon, but I don’t really think so. Even the most cursory examination of musical and cultural history will tell you that drum circles have been around for a long, long time…thousands of years.

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Toning and Chanting with Addiction Recovery

Toning and ChantingMusic can be a powerful as any drug. Music can serve as a springboard to therapeutic discussion or help people simply by the power of positive association.

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Healing Music Sampler

Healing Music SamplerDr. Alice Cash presents a sampler of specific music:
Following a short overview of healing music, this CD introduces music for Alzheimer’s patients followed with lullabies for mother – baby bonding and ending the CD with an introduction and 3 examples of Chanting.

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