Healing Music Sampler

Dr. Alice Cash presents a sampler of three different types of healing music:

cover-samplerIf you’re new to healing music, this is probably the perfect first CD for you.  Not only do you get three separate and varied genres of healing music:  lullabies, Alzheimer’s patients’ music, and chanting, but you get a spoken introduction to each section by Dr. Cash.  Following a short overview of healing music, this CD introduces music for Alzheimer’s patients followed with lullabies for mother – baby bonding and ending the CD with an introduction and 3 examples of Chanting.

For the Alzheimer’s patient, music is often one of the few things left that can still be enjoyed and remembered.  For reasons that we don’t completely understand, the pathway in the brain that leads to musical memory remains free and open and accessible.  Long after Alzheimer’s patients can no longer remember their families and surroundings and their past, they can still often recognize music from their own courting years and their childhoods.  On this CD I have chosen music that was popular from 1900-1950 and likely would be remembered by an Alzheimer’s patient in 2010.  Listen to the samples and see what you think!

The lullaby is a traditional and powerful way of soothing a newborn or infant who is crying, fussy, and discontent.  Oftentimes, singing a lullaby will stop the crying and help them to settle down enough to drift off to sleep.  Lullabies exist in every culture and have existed for thousands of years.  These are a few of my favorites with the lyrics included.

Chanting has become very popular around the world, especially when combined with drumming but also when done alone.  Chant bonds people together and makes them feel part of a greater, more meaningful whole.  Chant is a way of saying what you believe, through rhythm and melody, for the purpose of connecting with other like-minded people to create a better present and future.  The chants on this CD are mostly from the Native American and Goddess tradition but there is also a chant from Mozart.

For under $20, this is quite a deal!

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Healing Music Enterprises Sampler
1. Intro to Healing Music
  1. Introduction to Alzheimer’s music
  2. Pretty Baby
  3. By the Sea
  4. My Buddy
  5. School Days
  6. Moonlight Bay
  7. If You Were the Only Girl in the World


  1. Intro to Lullabies
  2. Mama’s Song
  3. All Through the Night
  4. Slumber Boat
  5. Brahms Lullaby
  6. Kentucky Babe
  7. Intro to Chant
  8. I am a Strong Woman /
    We are a Circle
  9. We all Come from the Goddess / Where I sit is Holy