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Clips, recordings and video examples of Dr. Alice Cash and Healing Music Enterprises:

Audio Clips

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The Healing Power of Music
Discussion of the history of music for healing.
2:28 min
Toning & Chanting in Addiction Recovery
Discussion on toning for withdrawal & recovery.
2:30 min
Healing through Music: Why Mozart?
Workshop excerpt on using music for self healing.
5:03 min
Audio from Sightings Show Feature
Excerpt from Dr. Cash’s featured profile.
1:52 min
History of Tone & Chant
Workshop excerpt on using tones & chants.
2:53 min
Example of Toning
Dr. Cash demonstrates how to tone for healing.
2:47 min
Interview with Dr. Stan Frager Part I
How music can help your mood.
2:04 min
Interview with Dr. Stan Frager Part II
Lullabies. Mozart Effect. Wounding/healing music.
4:24 min
Interview with Dr. Stan Frager Part III
Scientific effect of music genres on people.
3:05 min
Interview on Higher Insights Show
Excerpt from Music & Medicine interview.
2:26 min

Video Clips

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Featured on the Feeling Great Show
Excerpt from TV feature on Dr. Cash.
4:38 min
PBS Documentary on Landowska
Excerpt from dissertation documentary.
1:52 min
Featured on the Today Show
Excerpt from TV news feature on Dr. Cash.
1:36 min

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