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Using Music with Alzheimer's Patients

Do you have a loved one, friend or family member, who has been diagnosed with suspected Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia? If so, this recorded program is a must. Doctors have known for years that patients with Alzheimer's and other dementias, respond powerfully to the music of the “courting years.” Even when the patient no longer recognizes family members and friends, they can still hear the familiar music of their courting years and recognize it, sometimes sing along, but always they derive pleasure from the experience when others opportunities for pleasure have disappeared.


Music for Memory Care

Dr. Cash has conducted clinical research on the use of music with Alzheimer's patients, documenting the fact that, even when other awareness of family and friends are gone, many patients can still hear and recognize the music of their "courting Years."  For this reason, Dr. Cash has recorded over 20 tracks of music from the late 1890's through the 1930's.  Even if this music isn't from your courting years, you'll probably recognize many of the old favorites.  This CD will be enjoyed by anyone looking for some relaxing piano music, performed by a concert pianist.

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Using Music with Alzheimer's Patients (Interview)

This program presents the latest information on why Alzheimer’s patients respond to this music and oftentimes sing along or clap in time to the music when few other things get their attention or engage them at all. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to provide this simple but powerful intervention for your friend or family member.

The musical portion contains piano renditions of songs such as “In the Good Old Summertime” and “My Buddy” plus five other songs, as well as Dr. Cash and colleagues singing a selection of songs that she sings with her patients and suggestions for how and when to use these songs.

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