Dr. Cash is an internationally known speaker, speaking in Europe, Canada, and all over the United States, including Hawaii. She is in demand because of her energetic, entertaining, and information-filled presentations. Dr. Cash never fails to get rave reviews and repeat invitations.

Alice speaks to groups of health care professionals on how to use music in surgery, medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics and in general prevention, health promotion and wellness initiatives. She also provides talks to other professionals on how to use music in their everyday life to maintain health and wellness.

While her presentations are always molded to the needs of the audience, she concentrates on four areas:


   Surgery  with Music

Surgery with music is a topic that hospitals, wellness conferences, and women’s health organizations are clamoring for.  For over twenty years, Dr. Cash has been researching the benefits of music with surgery and creating playlists for patients from all walks of life, undergoing surgeries of all kinds.

In 2011, she was invited to address the staff of Cleveland Clinic Florida about “Music as an Adjunct to Anesthesia.” 

You will learn how

Music calms and soothes the patient so they require:

less anxiety meds

less anesthesia

less pain meds

Headphones put the music directly into patients brain, though the eighth cranial nerve, so that patient is not affected by doctor’s music, which is usually faster than patient needs and otherwise not suitable for patient.  Also blocks OR conversations that are not good for patient.

Patient recovers faster and more safely as a result of less medication and hospital can process more patients safely through the hospital.

Magic of Music in the Golden Years

Learn about the benefits to mind, body and spirit of music from your “courting years.”

Understand the benefits of this music for well elderly as well as frail elderly and those withAlzheimer’s / Dementia

Participate in a sing-along geared to today’s 70’s, 80’s, and even 100-year olds!

Dr. Alice Cash is in her 7th decade and has loved music and played and sung since birth! With a Ph.D. in musicology and Master’s degrees both in piano performance and clinical social work, she teaches and performs to ecstatic audiences around the country and abroad.

Dr. Cash’s mother is still with us and started a chorus of seniors at her assisted living facility in S.C. and her entire family sings and loves music. Don’t miss out on one of these very memorable presentations.

Magic of Lullabies:
Bonding with Baby

Learn about the history of Lullabies and their universality. Each country and culture has its own lullabies that are unique to the people of that culture and yet they all have much in common.


Listen to lullabies from different eras and countries and understand the ingredients for a great lullaby

The physical and emotional benefits of singing a lullaby for the caregiver and the physical and emotional benefits for baby

Dr. Cash is the oldest of five children, mother of three and the grandmother of three. She was sung to as a child and has sung thousands of lullabies in her lifetime! Her “Lullabies for Mother-Baby Bonding” is a long-time best seller and includes all the lyrics for each lullaby.

 Baby Boomers &
 Music’s Lasting Effect 

Alice Cash walks her audience through the relationship between Baby Boomers and music.

Learn important, easy-to-understand facts about how music affects the mind-body

“Research at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX concluded that 10 minutes of vocal toning is equal to 5 mg of Valium.”

Revisit memories from your childhood and youth about the messages you learned through music such as “big girls don’t cry” or “I won’t last a day without you,” memories that contribute to co-dependency in adulthood.

Understand how interactive exercises with music can get you through a stressful day

Create a listening plan for yourself, to energize or relax and calm, based on the pop music of the 50’s, 60’s
and 70’s.