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Michael Jackson, Music, and Anesthesia

July 7th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Music Medicine

\"Heal the World\" by Michael JacksonWhen I started this blog a little over a year ago, I certainly never thought there would be a connection between Michael Jackson, music and anesthesia. And yet, in the final hours of his life, it was quite possibly a dose (or overdose) of one of the most potent anesthetics available; the drug is Propofol, known by its commercial name of Diprovan.
I never met Michael Jackson or heard him perform live, but my daughters were fans and his music was heard in our home and in our car. The price of fame, infamy, success and accusations, was that he came to have chronic insomnia. You can imagine that someone who expends so much energy on stage and in life, sleep, quality sleep, is critically important.
When the usual sleep-aids quit working for him, he looked around to see what else was available. My understanding is that since he had had so many surgeries that he was well-acquainted with the drugs that anesthesiologists use to put people to sleep before surgery. Unfortunately, the choice of propofol was a deadly one. One anesthesiologist said that with this powerful drug, the difference of 1cc is the difference between sleep and death.
If only music could have put him to sleep. I know that we musicians have music playing in their heads all the time anyway, but when you add the voices of such severe critics, from his father to youngs boys he entertained at Neverland to the media and the press around the world! May he rest in peace now and may more people realize that anesthesia is powerful medication that must only be used in a hospital setting by trained professionals!

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  • mesteakley

    I’ve known for many years that Michael Jackson was addicted to general anesthesia. That’s why he had all those surgeries in the first place: just a flimsy excuse to get anesthetized. A friend of mine immediately thought of me when he first heard about Jackson’s death, and knew that I was right. This was also the fate of its inventor, Horace Wells, who committed violent crime and suicide under its influence. Jackson’s life was ruined by his first nose job, which was inherently racist. He was rich and famous enough to indulge directly, while most people must turn to substitutes, such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, gambling, sex, eating disorders, shopping, sports, overscheduling, hoarding, ad infinitum. What a monster Dr. Wells has created. In the olden days, addiction was mainly caused by childhood abuse, but now there’s “artificial childhood abuse” commonly known as general anesthesia, which produces all the victimology of childhood abuse without the abuse! God help us.

  • Dr. Alice Cash

    Thank you, Mestakely! I always appreciate your comments!

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