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New service added to Surgical Serenity Solutions

January 27th, 2018 · No Comments · Music Healing

When we created Surgical Serenity Solutions back in 2009, our goal was to provide the very best calming, soothing music to engage rhythmic entrainment in the patient undergoing surgery.  Surgery is a frightening experience for the majority of patients and fear and anxiety can be truly terrifying.  As a psychotherapist and a music medicine practitioner, I hear patients fears that they will feel excruciating pain, wake up during the procedure, or, worst of all, not wake up at all!

Our goal was to choose music that would not only calm patients, starting the day of the surgery, but would engage the well-documented procedure of rhythmic entrainment, that synchronizes the patient’s heartbeat and breathing to the tempo of the music.  For that reason, after years of listening to hundreds of thousands of pieces of music, I chose a customized playlist that has proven to do this in a dependable and repeatable way.

Last year, as I was speaking in hospitals and universities around the globe, many physicians, anesthesiologists and  music therapists, came to me and asked if they could buy the headphones from us, either programmed with our music, or with THEIR chosen music on the headphones.  They pointed out that for patients undergoing chemotherapy, Parkinson’s disease, childbirth, and so many other procedures, they music might be different in terms of tempo and other characteristics.

It has taken some serious research into not only the best music, but obtaining musical permissions for other music.  What we have discovered is that if YOU provide the music, we can load the headphones with that personal music.  We just cannot sell someone else’s music!

And so, for an additional fee of $57.00. we can load YOUR preferred music onto our patient model headphone, or the hospital model headphone.  This service should be available in the next week, so let us know what music you would like, or just buy the headphone not loaded and add your own!  This opens up WORLDS of possibilities and help for medical/dental patients.


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