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Downloading the Surgical Serenity Music

April 5th, 2018 · No Comments · Music Healing

    Downloading the Surgical Serenity Music has never been easier.  Have you wondered about downloading the Surgical Serenity Music?  Since 2005, when Surgical Serenity Solutions was created as a separate company from Healing Music Enterprises, we have offered not only our Surgical Serenity pre-programmed headphones, but also a download of our soothing, proprietary music.  We’ve always believed that it is the combination of our serene music and its delivery through our cordless headphones, that creates the best possible experience, but there are always people who truly want to download our music onto their device, whether it be an iPod, and iPhone, or a different kind of MP3 player.

Downloading the Surgical Serenity MusicFor my taste, all of these devices will require listening through something that has a cord attached and that is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.  In any event, I want to make sure everyone knows that it is possible to simply download our music if that is what you want to do.

Now let’s review the benfits of uploading the Surgical Serenity music to use during the perioperative period.  There are dozens of studies documenting the following benefits for the patient listening to calm, soothing music before, during, and after surgery.


  • Lowered anxiety levels, resulting in less need for anxiety medication
  • Lowered pain perception, resulting in less need for pain medication
  • Greater calm and sense of control, resulting in less need for nursing interaction
  • Decreased awareness of sounds of other patients, also awaiting medical procedures


  • Decreased pain perception
  • Masks sounds of surgery, especially with orthopedic surgery
  • Masks conversation of surgery staff, which can be upsetting
  • Masks the doctor’s chosen music, which is often upbeat and opposite of what patient needs
  • Help maintain homeostasis, thanks to rhythmic entrainment


  • Increased orientation to time and place
  • Less nausea and vomiting
  • Less dizziness and “brain fog”
  • Faster recovery because of less medication and side-effects

SOoooo, after seeing all of these proven benefits, why would you not want to download our proprietary music right away?  HERE is the button:


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