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Music benefits the brain in so many ways!

September 30th, 2014 · 2 Comments · how the brain works, music and the brain

We all know that music makes us feel great!  Pretty much everyone on the planet has some kind of music that they really, really like and that they respond to immediately!  And the good news is, the music that you like, and respond to, and choose over and over, is the very music that is going to be best for YOUR brain.

There is no doctor or health professional or clinical musicologist that can tell you what music will be best for your brain.  We might be able to suggest some things, based on you symptoms, age, and background, but YOU will always know what music is best for you!

Studies that have just come out this year (2014) have shown yet again, that music powerfully fosters brain plasticity, provides an alternative educational tool, and can treat learning disabilities.  Knowing this, getting involved in some kind of music making is so important for you.  Can’t carry a tune in a bucket?  Pick up a hand drum or a tambourine or a shaker of some kind.  Do you love to sing?  There are church choirs, civic choirs, and local music theaters widely available.  Love to play your old clarinet, trumpet or violin?  There are orchestras and bands available in your town or the next one over that would love to have you!  Or do you play guitar or piano?  Start a garage band or just get together with friends and enjoy the fun of jamming for a few hours.

Medscape is a great resource for articles and research on music and the brain.  Enjoy this one!


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  • Binny Sharma Singer

    Music is everywhere..Without Music there is nothing we can say…Obviously it is the one through which we can get relaxed and feels very good when we are not in a good mood and also it affects the brain…And the person gets relaxed through the Music only….Great Article..!!!!!!

  • Chantdoc

    Thank you, Binny! I totally agree!

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