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Birthday Music and the Brain

May 22nd, 2008 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Well, tomorrow’s my birthday!! And it’s one of the big ones. I’ll let you guess: One late May afternoon, at Duke University Hospital (Watts Hospital) a baby girl was born to Benjamin and Alice Adelaide (“Tumpy”) Hudnall. The year was 1948 and I was their firstborn. My father was just about to get his Master’s of Divinity degree so that he could be an ordained Methodist minister. Have you figured out how old I’ll be? Now to the musical part. Every year on our birthdays, there’s a song we hear, pretty much all over the Western World! Just the sound of that famous song releases endorphins in ths brain and makes people feel excited anticipation about the day and the moment. Often it brings floods of images of the past year and years. Hopefully it brings a sense of deep love and appreciation from family and friends. These things are definitely true for me. Want to help me celebrate my birthday tomorrow (May 22)? I’d like to know what music you associate with your birthday and what your favorite music is this year and this moment. I will compile some lists and get back to you with what music my readers like.
The cake in the picture is a lime-coconut cake that friends of mine made at my home tonight. It’s my favorite and will be garnished tomorrow with a lime twist. Thanks for all the cards, letters, balloons and flowers! Love to all!


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  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday with many more to come. Robert

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday with many more to come. Robert

  • Lisa

    Favorite Birthday Song…
    Beatles “Say it’s your Birthday” and various renditions of “Happy Birthday to you…”

    Favorite song this year:
    “Heroes” by IceHouse &
    “Hallelujah” from movie Shriek

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