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Music puts the brain to sleep

April 9th, 2016 · No Comments · how the brain works, music and the brain

Genie sleepingAlmost every week people bring me their issues with insomnia.  Is it possible that music puts your brain to sleep?  Insomnia is at epidemic levels these days.  I see about 20 therapy patients per week and I’d say that well over half of them suffer from insomnia.  Can music put the brain to sleep?  Well, yes and no!  If you remember what I’ve taught you about rhythmic entrainment, you know that slowing down a steady pulse, can gradually slow down your heart-rate, your breathing, and even your thought activity.  But this must be done slowly and gradually.  That’s why people talk about winding down in the evening.  Whether adults or children, having a bedtime routine is important, especially if you ten to suffer from insomnia.

Many therapists will tell you not to watch the evening news or any violent shows at all in the evening.  if you have serious issues with insomnia.  Probably best to just have quiet conversation, some quiet calming music, a nice warm bath and soft lights until bedtime.  THEN, that’s when you choose the music that will best help you drift off into a gentle, deep slumber.  Many people also like to have environmental sounds such as softly chirping crickets, gentle bird songs, or babbling brooks.  Some people like a combination of soft music and environmental sounds in the background.

It takes some time and experimentation to figure out what music works best for you, but as with so many things in life, having a plan and a routine is best.  In our society with iphones, iPads, and laptops, video games and wide-screen TVs, there are constant distractions.  One of the things that is so difficult for people who are lying in the bed with their eyes open and not sleeping is to resist looking at your phone to see what time it is, or if you have new messages.  If you can resist that, choose some music that you know will slow your mind and body down, and if insomnia is truly affecting your quality of life, then music can definitely be a component of your solution.  Sweet dreams!


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