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Healing with Music: music and e-books, lectures and courses

Music can soothe, comfort, and reduce anxiety. With over 3 decades working with the healing concepts of music, I have created a collection of items that can help you understand the process and “feel” the results. There are presentations and seminars, music performances, and courses.

Music and Surgery
Surgical Headphones
Healing Music for Surgery

memory care product pageAlzheimer’s Music
Music for Memory Care
Dementia Patients

lullabies product pageLullabies and Mother-Baby Bonding
The Power of Soothing Music
Lullaby Music

drumming product pageDrumming, Chanting, & Toning
Drumming Circles
Addiction Recovery

seminars product pageHealing Music
Seminars & Presentations
Learn How Music Will Improve
Your Everyday Life

Christmas product pageChristmas Music
Christmas Album of the Carols, Songs You Grew Up With and the Magic of by-gone Christmases

academy product pageHealing Music Academy Courses
Sign-up for Classes
Available On-line Also

academy product page-1Healing Music Consultations
Personal Consultations with Dr. Alice H. Cash
(In-person, Telephone, or Skype)

Healing Music Sampler

cover-sampler_smallIf you don’t have a specific musical area in mind, you might consider our “Healing Music Sampler.”

Dr. Alice Cash presents a sampler of specific genres of healing music:
Following a short overview of healing music, this CD introduces music for Alzheimer’s patients or memory care. The next section contains examples of lullabies for soothing your baby while enhancing the bonding process.  The CD concludes with an introduction and 3 examples of Chanting.