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Surgery with Music Articles


Preemies and Music:  5 Facts You May Not Know

Are you pregnant or do you have a preemie? Both situations can be scary, especially if it’s your first time. When a woman first finds out that she is pregnant, the last thing she is thinking about is whether or not the baby might come prematurely…not unless she has a history of pre-term pregnancies..
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How to Use Wireless Headphones during Surgery

For over fifty years, surgeons have been using music in the operating room. This is not widely know however and when most people are informed that they will be needing to have surgery, using music is not the first thing that comes to mind.
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Ten Healing Music Tips

Are you trying to steer away from traditional prescription medications or even over-the-counters medications? Give music a try! Humans have used music for healing purposes for hundreds of thousands of years. They have used it for lulling a newborn, for calming a toddler, for energizing a tired adult, for celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a graduation.
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Music and the Human Bond

Think for just a minute about the way that music is used to connect human beings. From the first moment that a mother sings a lullaby to her new infant, the imprint of loving sound is imprinted on that baby’s psyche. After just a few hearings the infant will associate that pleasant sound with safety, love and warmth. Mothers (and fathers!) have been singing and lulling their infants with sound from time immemorial. We now know that when a mother sings to her infant, her brain releases oxytocin just as when she breastfeeds. This chemical immediately strengthens the bond between mother and child and makes the mother feel more maternal and loving toward her child. Throughout that child’s life, hearing that song or lullaby will bring back those warm, fuzzy feelings.
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Music and Wellness: Ten Top Tips

Dr. Cash offers insightful guidance by outlining her Top Ten Tips for using music for health and wellness.
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Music and Accelerated Learning

Does music make learning easier or faster or just more fun? Well, it definitely makes it more fun but it can also make it easier to learn many different types of information and keep that information reinforced. Of course the classic example (for me) is the “Alphabet Song.” But it’s not just about reinforcing facts or information like all of the multiplication tables or all of the counties in a state, or even which bone is connected to which bone.
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Studying with Dr. Alfred Tomatis

About a month ago, the TODAY SHOW did a special report on music therapy and its use with children with autism. The report focused on the work being done by a specific center in Maryland I believe and I have received quite a few phone calls as a result asking if I do this kind of therapy since I also studied with Dr. Tomatis. The short answer to that question is “no.” However, I thought my readers might be interested to hear a little bit of the fascinating experience I had when I took a two-week intensive seminar with him in April of 1991. The location was Phoenix, Arizona and the topic was “The Healing Power of Gregorian Chant.”
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Exciting New Research on Music

The fields of music medicine and music therapy are filled with on-going research into every possible area of music. Thank goodness many people today are quite interested in how music can help in healing the mind, body, and spirit and, at the same time keep us from needing so many potentially harmful and addictive drugs. Many drugs are quite useful and helpful but many Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and other citizens of the world take far more than they really need. Music can be part of the solution!
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Boosting Your Energy with Music

Anybody need an energy boost? “Of course!” you say! We’re all pretty much aware of the advertisements on television and in magazines for energy-boosting foods and drinks. There are also quite a few pills, capsules and powders that one can take, but what about a completely natural booster? One that is basically free and doesn’t cause you to consume any calories or ingest caffeine or other addictive substances? There is one, readily available in our day to day lives. Yes, that would be music!

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Music and Stress Management

One of the most frequently asked questions I get these days is ‘how can music be used most effectively for stress management?’ There are just a few basic principles that one needs to understand in order to tailor their favorite music for stress management purposes.
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The Many Uses of Music in a Hospital

I work in a full-service medical -surgical hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. There is not a single area of this hospital (or any hospital) that could not benefit from having music incorporated in some specific well-thought-out way. And I don’t mean just having MUSAK piped in!
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Music and Surgery

Some of the most exciting research in music medicine today centers on the concept that patients who are listening to music of a certain type, through headphones, while they are being put to sleep, and during surgery, need up to 50% less anesthesia during the surgery!
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Undiscovered Secrets of Surgery

Surgery carries undeniable risks with it, no doubt about it. But, the dangers of anesthesia, of cutting, drilling, and using lasers is nearly always overshadowed by the overwhelming benefits of the surgery. Whether something is being removed, repaired or rejuvenated, surgery is a modern-day miracle of science. It’s just that when things go wrong, they can go REALLY wrong!
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What is it about “The Mozart Effect”?

A few years ago there was quite a bit in the newspaper and popular magazines about “The Mozart Effect.” Many people believed that simply listening to the music of Mozart would raise their I.Q. and marketers went to work churning out CD’s of Mozart’s music for nearly every conceivable daytime and night-time task.
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Using Music for Brain Food

School is very competitive these days. Actually life is very competitive. Everyone is looking for a way to get a little edge over the next guy or gal. Although I believe that cooperation and not competition is the way to go, maximizing your brain’s potential certainly can’t hurt.
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How to Know When to Use Music for Surgery

Each day, all over the world people are having surgery of all kinds. Most people assume that they will have anesthesia and they rarely question whether they really need it or how much they might need. and yet the fact is, anesthesia carries its own dangers and one of the three things that people must recover from after surgery is the anesthesia.
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