Using Music with Surgery

The concept of using music during surgery — whether inpatient or outpatient — is the most exciting music medicine development yet! If you’re about to having surgery of any kind, please give yourself the latest upgrade to safer surgery, patented, tested and used by people around the world! Proven to reduce the amount of anesthesia required, pain medication required and anxiety medication required in most patients.
Surgery with Music App
Healing Music Enterprises has created carefully chosen playlists that are ready to be downloaded onto your iPod or MP3 player and go into surgery. Dr. Cash has carefully and meticulously chosen and sequenced the ideal music that meets the stringent requirements of music to be played during surgery:

  • Music has the tempo of the healthy resting heartbeat
  • Music 1 or 2 instruments playing
  • Music has an overall slow tempo
  • Music has a soft, pleasing dynamic level


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Now Available:

The much-anticipated, patented, headphones for surgery are ready for you now!

Pre-loaded Headphone price $200 + shipping and handling

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Wireless Headphones Pre-loaded with Music for Surgery