Are you thinking of giving your child music lessons?

There is absolutely no question that giving your child music lessons will give her a tremendous advantage in life.  Study after study confirms that children who study music and an instrument, do better in math and languages, have superior social skills and are generally happier and healthier!  I have taught piano lessons for many years to children of all ages.   I know from the hundreds of children I’ve taught, as well as my own three children, that music lessons instill confidence in a way that nothing else could.  I personally believe that 5 years old is an ideal age if your child is enthusiastic about the idea and if you can practice with them for the first year or so.

I didn’t start piano lessons until age 8 and I’ve often wondered what my career might have been like if I had been enrolled with a professional teacher who gave me a solid grounding in technique and theory, as well as repertoire.  But, parents can’t always know how to find their child music lessons, and are often thrilled to find a neighbor lady who teaches piano at the right time for the right price. 😉

The Suzuki method has been around for about 50 years now, and though it started with violin, it has now spread to all stringed the string instruments, including guitar, and also piano!  I’ve heard the little Suzuki students and been duly impressed, but this group of Chinese kindergartners has captured my heart, at least for the moment!  See what you think:   This may seen a little ‘Choreographed” but they do seem genuinely happy to be playing and to be playing together.  Their musicianship is impeccable and their little outfits are adorable.  I would venture to say that these children have probably been playing individually for at least a year and together for maybe 3-6 months.  If anyone knows more about this group, I’d love to hear it!  Thanks!

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