Have you heard about the musical pacifier for preemies?

Hospitalization can stress out anyone, but especially severely premature babies, who are born neurologically immature. Florida State University music therapist Jayne Standley and her colleagues are reducing the trauma and speeding the pace of the infants’ progression with a simple tool: a customized pacifier and a round of lullabies. [paragraph] Babies born before the 34th […]

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Do you play the piano?

I started playing the piano when  was about three years old.  I wasn’t a prodigy but I did love the sound of the piano and would be mesmerized by anyone who could play.  We didn’t even have a piano but I would go next-door to my father’s church and find an availabe piano and pick […]

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The Power of Music with Alzheimer's Patients

You’ve probably heard of how powerful familiar music is with Alzheimer’s patients.  When I first stepped into the field of music medicine, one of the first research studies that I did dealt with “The Therapeutic Use of Music with Alzheimer’s Patients.”  In a nutshell, it seems that the music that you listen to during your “courting years” […]

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Have you seen "Celtic Woman"?

Tonight I went to one of the best concerts/shows of my life!  I went to see the show “Celtic Woman” at the Palace Theater in Louisville and it was fantastic!  Of course I love Celtic music anyway and I’ve been seeing this group on TV for several years now.  When I heard that the group […]

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