Music during Labor and Delivery

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Labor and Delivery: Can Music Make a Difference?
Not for nothing did William Congreve say that “music had charms to soothe the savage breast;” if you’ve ever seen a woman about to give birth, you’ll know that if anyone needs soothing, it is her. Labor pains can wrack your body and make you feel like you’re being put through a wringer; it’s something that’s hard to understand if you’ve not gone through it yourself. No matter how prepared you are with your Lamaze and natural breathing classes, there’s always the chance that you may lose control because of the pain. And when you’re in the throes of pain, how do you calm yourself? One answer that really works is – MUSIC. So how does music make a difference during labor and delivery?
• According to this article, scientists have proved that music has therapeutic properties. It eases labor pain and removes the depression that moms feel after giving birth.
• When you listen to your favorite songs or slow music, you take your mind off the labor pain and the impending delivery.
• Music also helps you drown out the other sounds that could grate on your nerves – like the traffic outside your room or the noise made by other patients and workers in a hospital.
• It helps create a setting where you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings.
• Music reduces stress and anxiety and boosts your chances of having a normal and safe delivery
• It reduces the need for epidurals and other pain medication which could potentially harm your baby as it raises your pain threshold. You’re able to bear much more pain without suffering the accompanying physical agony.
• Music helps you relax and breathe deeply from your abdomen.
• Songs which have inspirational lyrics help soothe your mood and prepare you for the impending birth of your child. Some songs encourage and motivate you through the pain with their uplifting lyrics and soothing tunes.
One man’s meat is another’s poison, so what works for your friends may not necessarily work for you. Before you go into labor, be prepared with a collection of your favorite songs, tunes and melodies that calm and relax you and put you in a good mood so that you can play it while you’re in labor and waiting to deliver. Music is much better, more effective, and definitely safer than drugs that are meant to mitigate your pain.

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