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Music for Healing: An Ancient Art and Science

Tweet Do you believe that the use of music for healing is a recent, “New Age” phenomenon?  Of course not!  Music has been used for healing purposes, both physical and emotional since ancient times.  Historians know that music has soothed and comforted humans for thousands of years, and actually, music was routinely prescribed for the […]

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Ancient Spring Rituals Involving Music and Rhythm

Tweet Yes, the ancient Spring rituals probably included chanting, drumming, dancing/movement.  Many anthropologists and ethnomusicologists believe that early humans’ attempts at what we now call music, came from their attempts to imitate the sounds of nature.   The wind through the pines and the palms, the waves lapping the shore, the babbling brooks, and the […]

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A small lesson on ancient music healing methods in Sumeria

Tweet When did the culture of Sumeria thrive?  According to my sources, that would be 4th millennium B.C. According to Wikipedia, instruments of Ancient Mesopotamia include harps, lyres, lutes, reed pipes, and drums. Many of these were shared with neighbouring cultures. Contemporary East African lyres and West African lutes preserve many features of Mesopotamian instruments […]

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How Music Affects the Person in Love

Tweet How does music affect the person in love?  We know that music is extremely important as well as influential to the person who is in love.  Can you remember the first time you were in love?  Was it puppy love, teen-age love, or young adult love?  Falling in love, unrequited love and being in […]

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What the Ancients knew about music and mathematics

Tweet This fascinating information can be found at  The following is an excerpt: Archaeological evidence and written accounts, both historical and literary, show that music was vital to ancient Greek culture. Choruses in the Greek plays were sung, and music was central to religious and state ceremonies and to social rituals such as weddings, […]

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Music Healing Goes Mainstream

Tweet Music Healing Goes Mainstream! Beth Israel Medical Center in New York uses music therapy to sooth their premature babies and trauma patients. The hospital finds that music eases patients’ pain, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and depression and allows patients to get well, faster and is less expensive than medication. Beth Israel is not […]

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