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Do you know about Wanda Landowska?

Tweet Chances are, you’ve never heard of Wanda Landowska, not unless you’re either a harpsichordist or an afficianado of early music.  Wanda Landowska happens to be the woman who (almost) single-handedly revived the harpsichord as a performing instrument.  You see, once the piano was invented  and perfected, around 1711, (in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristifori) the […]

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One of the most serene and healing pieces of music I know

Tweet Listen to Dr. Cash perform Bach         You’re watching a snippet of a lecture/recital that I did last Fall at Clemson University in S.C. The piece that I’m playing is Bach’s Prelude in C major from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk.1. If you close your eyes and listen to this piece, you […]

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