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The future of classical music is bright!

Tweet Several musical performances have been sent to me recently that feature either super-talented young performers or actual child prodigies.  So often my generation seems to believe that the future of classical is bleak and that in the future we’ll only have rap and “movie music!” Each week, I listen on NPR to “From the […]

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A Fun way to enjoy a Bach Fugue!

Tweet You just never know what you’re going to find when you enter an FAO Schwartz Store, do you?  I remember taking my daughter there in the late 80’s and we were both just mesmerized by the multi-storied expanse of toys and stuffed animals.  There’s also a famous keyboard there and one day, two Juilliard […]

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Singing Monks!

Tweet This is an extremely creative and unique musical performance. Did you know that at many times throughout the history of music, composers have come to the conclusion that every possible melody, harmony and musical composition had already been written and that there was nothing new to compose? At least that’s what one of my […]

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What do you know about "Second Life"?

Tweet Do you know about “Second Life”? Several months ago I was interviewed by Dave Schwartz of Music Academy Online. The hour-long interview was done in Second Life, a technology that gives humans animated avatars on-screen.  The interviewed focused on the research I did on the famous harpsichordist, Wanda Landowska.  We discussed my sources and how […]

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In case of illness, turn to Bach

Tweet Does Bach’s Music have a Regenerative Effect? There is an interesting article by Avis O. Gachet, “A Walk with the Master” (Charlotte Observer, August 8, 2007), which carries the subtitle “In times of trouble, teens turn to music. Let’s hope it’s Bach.” Gachet, a personal friend from far back in Hickory, relates how the […]

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More new on the trip to Paris

Tweet Chantdoc preparing to go to Paris It seems as though it’s been a very long time since I was in Paris for more than just to transfer planes. I spent six weeks there in the summer fo 1987 doing my Ph.D. dissertation research. My dissertation was on “Wanda Landowska and the Revival of the […]

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