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Mental Illness and Art

Tweet Many famous composers, performers and artists were definitively diagnosed with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia.  Robert Schumann died in an “asylum” in Germany after attempting suicide by jumping off a bridge into the Rhine river.  Many composers suffered from severe depression and alcoholism.  These illnesses have no correlation with intelligence or talent. […]

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Your brain on Christmas music

Tweet If you love Christmas music (like I do!) then Christmas music probably makes your brain light up and makes your face smile, your feet dance and your endorphins flow. Why? Because any music that we have positive associations with, that brings back positive memories or that energizes us, is clearly having a positive effect […]

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Music Releases Endorphins in the Brain

Tweet Everyone knows that music makes them feel better, but apparently, music immediately after surgery is even more powerful than previously known. today I came across this article: By Denise DadorLOS ANGELES (KABC) — A local hospital takes the healing properties of music right to the patients. She’s in the hospital, but Carol Starks feels […]

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Can Music Improve your test scores?

Tweet So many people ask me this and it’s a great questions! After all the info came out on the “Mozart Effect” people were getting really excited about improving their intelligence and their test scores with music! Here is what one of the scientific studies had to say about it: Improve your vocabulary with music! […]

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