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What's the difference between music therapy and music medicine/music healing?

Tweet This is a question that I get a lot.  Many people, maybe most, assume that these descriptions are all interchangeable and there is definitely a lot of overlap.  Music therapists will tell you that in order for music therapy to be administered, there must be a trained music therapist present to help the patient […]

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In memorium: Don Campbell 1943-2012

Tweet A week ago, the world lost a bright spirit and a pioneer in the field of sound healing and music medicine.  Don was the author of many books, but the best-known book was probably “The Mozart Effect.”  The book introduced millions of people to the concepts of using music, sound and vibration for healing […]

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Can Music Improve your test scores?

Tweet So many people ask me this and it’s a great questions! After all the info came out on the “Mozart Effect” people were getting really excited about improving their intelligence and their test scores with music! Here is what one of the scientific studies had to say about it: Improve your vocabulary with music! […]

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