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What does the unborn baby hear: the importance of her sonic environment

Tweet Have you wondered what your unborn child really hears? According to Giselle E. Whitwell, a pre-natal music therapist in Los Angeles, “Uterine sounds form a “sound carpet” over which the mother’s voice in particular appears very distinct and which the prenate gives special attention because it is so different from its own amniotic environment. […]

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Can infants un-Ravel classical music? (yes they can!)

Tweet Recent research is suggesting that even infants can detect slight changes in a piece of classical music. Canadian researchers say babies can remember complex classical music, even after a two week delay. Their findings were detailed at a recent meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.   To read more about this fascinating study, click […]

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Have you heard about the musical pacifier for preemies?

Tweet Hospitalization can stress out anyone, but especially severely premature babies, who are born neurologically immature. Florida State University music therapist Jayne Standley and her colleagues are reducing the trauma and speeding the pace of the infants’ progression with a simple tool: a customized pacifier and a round of lullabies. [paragraph] Babies born before the […]

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