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Lullaby for Mother-Baby Bonding

The Art of the Lullaby: Lullabies for Mother-Baby Bonding

Tweet Have you ever considered the power of lullabies for mother-baby bonding? When did the world’s first mother sing her child the first lullaby?  Probably at the very beginning of time, when the sun first set and the moon first rose in the sky.  Singing to your child, crooning to your child, or humming to […]

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Gigi and Beau.9.14

Preemies and the Power of Music

Tweet Who doesn’t love a tiny, newborn baby?  The innocense, the sweetness, the delicious smell and sounds?  But if your baby was born prematurely, and survived, chances are that there will be weeks and months and continued struggle, just to survive.   Sometimes, parents know that there is a good chance that their baby or […]

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Music and the NICU: NY Times reports on newest study

Tweet On Monday, April 15, the New York Time reported on yet another study documenting the benefits of music with preemies in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit).    It’s one of those many music healing/music medicine phenomena wherein an ancient practice, known since the beginning of time as lulling or singing softly to your newborn for […]

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Music with Preemies: Research is in!

Tweet I have known since before my children were born, that music is powerful with infants and children.  What I didn’t know in those early days was that babies can hear up to 5 months before they are born.  Research has documented that the fetal ear can begin functioning as early as the beginning of […]

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