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Tweet I’m going to keep this really short!!  Since we got our new “Patient Model” headphones last Spring, they have literally been super successful.  Every day people buy them and say that they will never go through surgery again without them.  There is no doubt that one day soon, music headphones will be in every […]

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Instruments of Healing Music: Drum Circles

Tweet How many of you have ever participated in a drum circle?  Today drum circles are very popular and for good reasons!  Drum circle are loads of fun, require no prior musical training, require no musical ability and enable you to connect emotionally and energetically with people that you’ve never met before that day. I […]

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What do you know about "Second Life"?

Tweet Do you know about “Second Life”? Several months ago I was interviewed by Dave Schwartz of Music Academy Online. The hour-long interview was done in Second Life, a technology that gives humans animated avatars on-screen.  The interviewed focused on the research I did on the famous harpsichordist, Wanda Landowska.  We discussed my sources and how […]

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Everyday Qi Teleseminar is a Smashing Success

Tweet Today was the first Everyday Qi Teleseminar and thousands of people registered for it.  Dr. Ellen Britt of put on a wonderful show and interviewed me and asked questions that people were typing in while we talked.  We had listeners from not only all around the U.S. but also from Austrailia, Austria, Canada […]

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Do you play the piano?

Tweet I started playing the piano when  was about three years old.  I wasn’t a prodigy but I did love the sound of the piano and would be mesmerized by anyone who could play.  We didn’t even have a piano but I would go next-door to my father’s church and find an availabe piano and […]

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