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Hospital Model for Black Friday

I’m going to keep this really short!!  Since we got our new “Patient Model” headphones last Spring, they have literally been super successful.  Every day people buy them and say that they will never go through surgery again without them.  There is no doubt that one day soon, music headphones will be in every hospital operating room, dentist office, and surgical center.  The research is there!!  Music with painful or anxiety-prvoking  medical/dental experiences works!!


This is just a quick “heads up” that for 24 hours only, this Friday, November 25, for 24 hours only, I am sending out an offer that will be the absolute lowest price that I’ve ever offered!   This can allow EVERYONE to own a pair of these high quality, pre-loaded, cordless headphones!

Please watch your Inbox!!  The email will go out at 12:01 am and the link will be valid ONLY FOR 24 hours!

The Hospital Model is our original premium headphones that holds 4 GB of music and can be loaded with your own favorite music after surgery.  The music that is pre-loaded on them has been specifically chosen for surgery, was tested and proven to reduce pain perception by 20% in a study at the Veteran’s Hospital here in Kentucky!  Anxiety is reduced too and patients reports waking up feel less disoriented and nauseous.  See Patient Testimonials!

The patient model headphones are the headphones that are intended to be used by one person only, but could certainly be shared within the family.  The Serenity Playlist is already preloaded on them!

Don’t miss out!  See you Friday!!

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