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Music Therapy or Music Medicine: Revisited

Tweet Music therapy and music medicine are not the same, although many people use them interchangeably.   The medical/wellness/nursing community almost always are believers in the power of music to help people feel better, get motivated, calm their anxiety and more.  However, in modern times, the field of music therapy has become organized, codified, created […]

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Music with Surgery: Does it really make a difference?

Tweet I understand healthy skepticism.  It’s a good thing.  No one wants to be a” sucker” and the medical/field is no exception to fads and scams.  When people used to mention the use of music during dental visits or childbirth or surgery, I was skeptical.  As a professional musician, I thought that it might be […]

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Why does entrainment work during surgery?

Tweet Entrainment is the main reason that music during surgery works! In the process of entrainment, your bodies natural rhythms such as heart-rate and breathing, automatically synchronize with the pulse of music. In an everyday example, when you hear strongly rhythmic music such as high-energy disco music, rock-and-roll, or a Sousa march, you automatically start tapping […]

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