Music Therapy or Music Medicine: Revisited

Music therapy and music medicine are not the same, although many people use them interchangeably.   The medical/wellness/nursing community almost always are believers in the power of music to help people feel better, get motivated, calm their anxiety and more.  However, in modern times, the field of music therapy has become organized, codified, created accredited degree programs, and the possibility of board certification.  Very impressive!

To my mind, the biggest difference between music therapy and music medicine is that in music therapy, a music therapist music be present and a therapeutic relationship must be developed.   In music medicine, carefully chosen music is used as a therapeutic intervention.  Specifically in the case of the Surgical Serenity Solution, our pre-programmed headphones are an example of music medicine.  The music on these headphones was carefully chosen by a professional musicologist who is also a licensed psychotherapist.  This specific playlist of classical miniatures was chosen for it’s ability to calm patients before, during and after surgery by eliciting the “relaxation response” by tapping into the power of rhythmic entrainment.

I would love to hear your questions or comments on this!

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