Do you play the piano?

I started playing the piano when  was about three years old.  I wasn’t a prodigy but I did love the sound of the piano and would be mesmerized by anyone who could play.  We didn’t even have a piano but I would go next-door to my father’s church and find an availabe piano and pick out tunes.  I didn’t actually begin lessons until I was eight years old but I loved it and played quite a few “difficult numbers” on my first recital.  When I was about thirteen, I got my first “serious” piano teacher and she was adamant about not teaching or playing “simplified” pieces.  She thought that either one should play the original or wait until you’re ready for it and play original music at your own level.

Fast-forward to 2008.  Now that I’ve stepped into the world of healing with music I believe that anytime a person can play their own music of choice on whatever instrument they love.  For that reason, I’m introducing you tonight to —————————————————————
The name Dan Coates is synonymous with fun for our students. His decade
series combines the best songs from each ten-year period beginning
with the 1950s with Dan’s own carefully-arranged, student-tested, and
pedagogically sound teaching arrangements for students of all ages. These
144-page collections offer an incredible selection of pieces that will
keep you playing all year long.

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