Donald Trump’s Music Choices

Donald Trump’s music choices last week were pretty fascinating to me!  Queen’s  “We are the Champions” was particularly NOT surprising as a choice of the Trump campaign, but “You Can’t Always Get what you Want” was a big surprise and rather puzzling, I thought.  I’m still wondering if it’s DONALD that can’t always get what he wants, i.e. the Presidency, or is it US that can’t always get what we want, i.e. a capable and experienced woman president?  😉  Is it more important to get what YOU want, or to respect the requests of the composers/musicians?

Did Trump have the legal rights to these well-known songs?  Well, technically, large venues have the right to purchase from ASCAP or BMI, the rights to large numbers of songs and apparently the Cleveland Convention Center had done this.  However, Queen had specifically told the Trump campaign that they did not want him using this song! He had used it earlier in the summer at a rally and they were petrified to think that the general public would think that they supported the Trump ticket!

TIME Magazine had this to say regarding the legality of them using a song that QUEEN had expressly asked them not to use

“That’s the issue, does the use of the song during a political campaign imply an endorsement by the owners of the copyright of the song?” Jacobson said. “A lot of people think it does and a lot of people think it doesn’t, so it is up in the air and the law is not clear on the subject.”


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