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Dr. Alice Cash, Professional Speaker on Music as Medicine

Do you hire professional speakers?  Do you have a budget that would allow you to bring in an expert on the “Healing Power of Music,” ” Music Through the Lifespan,” or “Reaching the Memories of Alzheimer’s Patients?”  I have been a professional speaker on these topics and more, for over 25 years.  I speak for conferences and associations of:

  • Social Workers and Therapists of all kinds
  • Health and Wellness Conferences
  • Medical Associations
  • Family Practice and Family Health Groups
  • National Speakers Associations
  • American Psychiatric Association
  • Hospice Organizations
  • Senior Care Centers
  • Assisted Living Associations
  • and many, many, many more

For the first 40 years of my life, I was more interested in performing concerts for people and entertaining with classical music.  In 1990, I stepped into a whole other world where music was being research in the medical world and I learned about ALL of the many ways that music could be used to improve a person’s life!

To see and hear Dr. Alice, check out these videos and audios:   https://healingmusicenterprises.com/media-clips/

Here are some of things attendees at Alice’s presentations have said:


LLwkshp2“This is one amazing woman with very unique insights into how we can each make more out of our lives and circumstances. Dr. Cash’s knowledge about music and brain functioning is fascinating, entertaining and for those who are open to it – life changing. I involved Dr Cash in a conference of almost 2,000 professional speakers (the toughest audience in the world) and what a hit she was. If you’re looking for someone who can get literally to the ‘heart’ of your audience, Alice Cash is the one.”

Ian Percy, International Motivational Speaker and owner of The Ian Percy Corporation.

“Alice Cash is a gifted healer and presenter who taught me new things that I hadn’t known before. Her knowledge of music healing techniques is remarkable and vast and yet she has a way of teaching so that anyone can understand her easily! I leave her workshop today with clear and practical tools that I can put to work immediately. I would recommend Alice’s workshops to anyone, don’t miss out on a chance to attend one of you can! Her book provides clear information on how music can help us in our daily lives and the tapes add extra information for those wishing to take it further.”

“I didn’t want her to stop. Her presentation was so uplifting and educational that I wanted to stay all day!”

“I would love to have her come back and be more focused with individual groups. It’s such a broad topic! MORE ALICE!”

“Alice was an excellent presenter. She was very knowledgeable yet spoke on my level. Great!”

“The entire program was fascinating! We are so fortunate to have had Alice present at Deaconess and I look forward to seeing her present again. I loved hearing about the various applications within the hospital, i.e. geriatrics, L&D, oncology, etc. Very exciting to learn how the developing brain in utero can be influenced by music.”

Mary Beth Davis, RN, Deaconess Hospital.



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