Lullabies for Preemies, Babies, and even Adults


Lullabies for Babies, Teens, and Adults! Get your much-needed sleep!

Lullabies have been around for as long as humans have walked the planet. So has insomnia.  Raise your hand if you have trouble sleeping!  😉   Insomnia seems to be one of the most prevalent, persistent and resistant problems in our society right now.  It is an ancient problem and there are ancient solutions, one of which is music.  The concept of “lulling” one’s child is as ancient as human beings, and although nothing is guaranteed to put another human being to sleep, lulling babies is an absolutely instinctive behavior that can be found in all cultures.

Recently a lady called me and said that she has been having trouble sleeping for over a year, ever since her husband died.  She said that she’s tried everything in “the book” and on the internet.  That’s a lot of suggestions! I suggested she try some of our Serenity Headphones, loaded with the Lullaby CD I recorded in 2006.

She did get the headphones with the Lullabies CD pre-loaded and just a few weeks ago contacted me and said that she was finally beginning to get some sleep, after over a year of severe insomnia.  So now we have a whole new way to use our Serenity headphones!  Of course, anytime that someone can avoid prescription or even over-the-counter medications and substitute something completely natural, like music, it’s going to be a huge plus!

In 2006, I recorded a CD called “Lullabies for Mother-Baby Bonding.”   This CD has been quite popular with babies and toddlers around the country, including my four grandchildren.  My idea was to create a CD that mothers could listen to while still pregnant, get these melodies in their head and then sing them to their own baby when they arrived.  These are familiar lullabies with lyrics included, but I play the lullabies on my Steinway grand piano and there is no singing on the CD.  If you click on the link you can also hear some sample clips from the CD.

Why do lullabies work?  There are several possible reasons including

  • a soft, soothing, melody
  • a slow and steady pulsing rhythm that often is synchronized with rocking
  • there is lots of repetition

But what about adults with insomnia?  The epidemic of insomnia is raging for many, many reasons.  Clients come to me with so much anxiety about the face-paced lives we all live and they cannot sleep because of their racing thoughts about “how can I pay my bills,” what if I lose my job?”  “is my spouse having an affair,”  “is the something wrong with my child?” and on and on and on.  So I created my Lullaphones, so that adults can go to bed, wearing our lightweight, cordless headphones, pre-loaded with the lullabies.  So far, the response has been remarkable.  Hearing these gentle melodies beings back happier times and enables the subconscious to let go of worries and all of the “what-ifs” that people struggle with.

Another issue is the addictive qualities of prescription sleeping medications.   If you can possible get to sleep without relying on a pill or a chemical, it’s a good idea.  It helps to know if you’re suffering from temporary insomnia as the result of a temporary life trauma, or chronic insomnia which stems from lifestyle, health or work problems.  The longer it’s been going on, the more music will be recommended as part of your solutions.  Give lullabies a try!

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