Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery: How music can help

Yesterday, I had a charming young woman in my office.  She was scared.  She is about 8 1/2 months pregnant and labor is just around the corner.  Like any first-time mother she has no idea what labor and delivery will be like, but she has been told many scary tales by friends and women relatives.  She said that she had just a little over a week until her due date and was willing to try anything that had a reasonable chance of help her get through labor and delivery faster and safer; she wanted it to be as natural as possible.Pregnancy.Fear

Luckily, she also heard about the powerful benefits of music for pregnant women, as well as for unborn and newborn babies.  And what is more natural than music?  This lady was able to find me on the internet and she contacted me and wanted to try our “Lullaphones.”  The Lullaphones are our Serenity Headphones that have been programmed with classic lullabies.  I explained to her that she should spend 30-60 minutes each day resting comfortably on couch, bed or comfy chair, and listen to the music on headphones with eyes closed and visualizing her healthy baby in her arms.  I suggested that after she begins to feel very familiar with these lullabies, she should begin to hum along and assured her that when she hummed or sang the lullabies, the unborn baby would be able to her her mother’s voice.  This was very exciting to her.  (The Lullaphones come with a download of all the lyrics to the 23 lullabies.)

When she left my office a few minutes later, she was smiling and said she felt greatly relieved!  Now we’re just waiting for Mother Nature to decide it’s time for that little baby to be birthed; to the sound of beautiful, classic lullabies.  Research shows that when Mama sings to the unborn baby, baby not only hears her Mommy singing, but calms down and quietens faster after birth when same lullabies are sung or played through speakers for baby.  This is the perfect gift for yourself  or a pregnant friend!

To order the lullaphones, just go to and specify “Lullaphones.”  Phones come with a USB cord and wall charger so that you can add your favorite, or your child’s favorite music to the lullabies that come pre-programmed!


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