Patient or Surgeon: Who Needs the Music?

Who really needs the music in surgery:  patient or surgeon?  There is so much in the news today about music in the OR, and sometimes the focus is on the surgeon and staff, and sometime the news is about music for the patient.  Our music is entirely for the patient.  As a clinical musicologist, I have spent almost 60 years studying music and all the aspects that bring joy, healing, and hope to humans.

In the early ’90s, I was learning about the powerful phenomenon of rhythmic entrainment and realizing that entrainment happens, whether the patient is awake and conscious, or not!  I was already aware that having favorite, comforting music before surgery could be very calming and reassuring to the patient. But if the surgeon is playing fast, upbeat music, even after patient is “asleep,”  their body is responding to that music because

I was invited to the Cleveland Clinic Florida to give a presentation on Music with Surgery.

I was invited to the Cleveland Clinic Florida to give a presentation on Music with Surgery.

of entrainment, and not staying as relaxed as they would if they had their own separate, calming music, coming through headphones.

So, the bottom line is the both patient and surgeon need their own unique music, and the way to do this is with the patient having lightweight, cordless headphones with music already programmed onto headphones, and the surgeon having his preferred, upbeat music, coming through speakers or portable boombox in the OR.

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