Top 5 Charities that Support Musical Education for Children


This guest post was written by Wendy Graham, a stay at home mother and freelancer who often writes about education for Online College Guru, a directory of online colleges.

Music education is quickly being removed from many elementary schools across the country as a way to cut back on the budget. While this is a saddening occurrence, the good news is that there are many charitable organizations that help support children’s music education and are working to bring it back into schools across the nation. If you want to help out a charity that will bring harmony back into America’s youth, here is a list of the top five ones to donate to.

The Mockingbird Foundation: The Mocking Bird Foundation was developed in 1996 by a few Phish fans looking to bring music back to children. The staff of the foundation is entirely volunteer, so 99% of the money that is donated to this charity gets spent directly on the kids. They’ve raised more than $600,000 in their short life thus far, and those numbers are growing every day. All donations that are sent in can be reported for taxes, as well as any products that are purchased on the site. Those products include CD’s, shirts, books, pendants and more. Their website even has an option to make a donation through PayPal if you would be interested.

The Chateauville Foundation for Music Education: This foundation was made for the purpose of providing children with a place to play music. The house that the foundation runs around was built in the 1800s, but it is now used for concerts, performances, and classes that teach children about music and other theater arts. The founders of the foundation were and are passionate about music, enough so that they got the entire community in the festive spirit. To make a donation to this foundation, you can o to their website and fill out the form. Mail in donations are also accepted, or you could purchase concert tickets instead and actually see what your money is helping create.

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation: If you have seen the hit motion picture Mr. Holland’s Opus, you should have no trouble understanding the reason behind this foundation. Established in 1996, this charity was made for the sole purpose of keeping music alive in the American school system. The foundation donates a variety of instruments to schools across the country, and it also provides funding for music programs in schools that cannot afford to keep theirs going. When music is removed from a certain school, MHOF steps up to create an after school program so kids can still learn and develop their musical abilities. Donations are 100% tax deductible, and you can choose to mail in a check or donate right on their website.

The Fender Music Foundation: Fans of Fender guitars should be thrilled to learn that this company has a music education charity all its own. The Fender Music Foundation provides funding to schools all across America o help keep their music education programs on the right track. This charity has helped countless children learn about instruments and the arts, and they work with other charities to make the most out of all of their funding. 100% of the money sent into the organization goes right back into music education, so you know your money is going to good use. Donations can be made on their website either through PayPal or a direct pay option.

RockSTAR Music Education: Based in California, this organization works by way of after school rock and roll programs to show kids the fun side of music. The group provides all of the equipment students would need to learn, and it’s backed by some of music’s greatest legends. Gene Simmons, Sammy Hagar and Carlos Santana are all frequent contributors to this organization. You can make a donation to the RockSTAR program on their site or by contacting them through the information found there. You could be supporting a local band or providing funds for the education itself.

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    Anonymous June 18, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    I have some info that would greatly help with supporting music programs for schools. Let me share some data.
    A study was done, which was about 5 or 10 years ago, not sure exactly when. But recently enough. The top nations in the world as far as the academic undersanding in the arts and sciences, Hungry was number one, a counrty with great economical challenges. Two was Japan. In hungry grades 1 through 8 are required, to have instruction in the arts. In Japan it is required in grades 1 through 9. In the Neitherlands, people can’t get into college with out passing a compentancy exam in music. In 1981 another study was done. The three top schools in the U.S. have something in common, great emphisis on the intruction in the arts. the Davidson School in Georgia was the top school. A school with grades 5 through 12, starting in the 5th grade each student is given at least 1 and 1/2 hours of instructions in the arts daily and by the 12th grade 4 hours were spent daily in the arts. The second from the top was a high school that has 1/3 of the students with learning disabilities, they two intigrate the arts in to there program. Now the U.S. Spends 29 times more money in the sciences and math then is spent on arts education and internationally, the 14 year olds internationally, the U.S. is ranking 14th out of 17 towards the bottom in scientific understanding and achievement. That is 14th at the bottom. And we spend 14 to 29 times more money in education then any other counrty. I have more info on how this works and to support my clams at my blog I wouls share the info here, but there is way to much to share in a comment. The info is was givin to me by Dr. Michael Ballam Ph.D for even more info, What I recommend more then my blog is “Music and The Mind” and “More Music and The Mind” CDs by Dr. Ballam found at You can get the two combined in one set for the total cost of about $25. I can’t express how much I would recommend those CDs. We need to wake people up. It is very sad to see what people are missing from the missing instructions in the arts. Please take the time and learn the things that I wish for you to learn. We can’t leave it up to the goverment, or other officals. I am only one person, I can’t do it all, we need more people to help.
    Thank You

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