The Art of the Lullaby: Lullabies for Mother-Baby Bonding

Lullaby for Mother-Baby Bonding

Lullabies for Mother-Baby Bonding

Have you ever considered the power of lullabies for mother-baby bonding? When did the world’s first mother sing her child the first lullaby?  Probably at the very beginning of time, when the sun first set and the moon first rose in the sky.  Singing to your child, crooning to your child, or humming to your child is the most natural thing in the world.  And the really great thing is, you can absolutely make it up as you go!  No need to worry about remembering words or even the melody!  Lullabies are spontaneous by nature and your baby doesn’t care if the words rhyme or even if you sing on pitch.

I’ve worked with pregnant women, new mothers and grandmothers for a very long time and one of the concerns I often hear is “my baby won’t like my voice”  ” I can’t even carry a tune in a bucket” “I don’t even know any lullabies.” And here’s what I tell these mothers:

  1. Your voice is the one that your baby has been hearing for the past 9 months!  She loves this voice and it makes her feel safe and nurtured.
  2. Your baby hasn’t heard Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand or Katy Perry, so all she really knows is your voice!  Even humming Christmas Carols, or stuff you hear on the radio is fine!  The main thing is that you softly and gently hum whatever it is you’re humming!
  3. A mother’s voice, especially if you have a preemie, is one of the most healing things you can give your baby.

Lullabies for Mother-Baby bonding is the ideal, totally free, proven-powerful tool.  Why am I writing this?  As a mother of three daughters and grandmother of soon-to-be five grandchildren, I know from personaly experience just how powerful lullabies are.  I also know the feeling of believing that your voice is not very good and thinking that your baby won’t like it or will reject your singing!

That is why I created my own lullaby CD with myself playing 23 easy and familiar lullabies.  I play them on the piano so that you can listen to them while you’re pregnant and them sing them yourself, in your own favorite key and tempo after baby is born!!  Give your baby the most precious gift!  Purchase my Lullaby CD here!

Some of my own favorite childhood memories are of my grandmothers singing with me and my father as well as my mother singing to me and my sister.  Music creates such powerful memories and bonds with the people that you sing with or make music with.  Blending our voices with others is a very special process and one that should not be missed!

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