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Why does music elicit such powerful emotion?

Tweet This is a deep question that many people ask themselves very sincerely and with a burning desire to know that answer. I’ve certainly asked myself this question many times and am finally beginning to understand some of the keys to the mystery. One of the main factors is your past association with that music. […]

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Components of Healing Music: Instruments

Tweet Good afternoon and welcome to lesson 7 of “Components of healing Music.”  Today we get to the important topic of instruments! Healing music comes in many different shapes and forms.  Healing music can be familiar, it can be unfamiliar.  It can be soft and quiet or it can be full and swells and lulls […]

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The Components of Healing Music: Tempo

Tweet Today is the sixth lesson in our series of “The Components of Healing Music.”  Please remember that these components are not absolutes and are definitely open to interpretation.  Music as a whole is very personal and each of us has our inner filters that we bring to our own interpretation of a piece of […]

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